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Treating Symptoms Doesn’t Help You Heal.

Treating Symptoms Doesn’t Help You Heal.  A chronic disease or sickness cannot be cured unless you stop creating or maintaining its causes in the first place.  You may think you might have found the best medicine or drug for the … Continue reading

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Disease or Sickness Is Unnatural

Sickness or Disease Is Unnatural.  It doesn’t take a lot of money or research studies to prove sickness or disease is a direct result of a toxicity crisis.  I believe all illnesses are a direct result of the way we … Continue reading

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There Is A New Shift in Our Medical Paradigm Today

There Is A New Shift in Our Medical Paradigm Today. In my last article I explained how some people heal themselves while other people don’t and it basically boils down to an individual’s belief and faith.  I believe many doctors … Continue reading

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