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Disease or Sickness Is Unnatural

Sickness or Disease Is Unnatural.  It doesn’t take a lot of money or research studies to prove sickness or disease is a direct result of a toxicity crisis.  I believe all illnesses are a direct result of the way we … Continue reading

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Avoiding or Eluding Therapy

Avoiding or Eluding Therapy In the article “More About Hypnosis (Part 2) I gave more examples of how the conscious and unconscious work together and differently.  In the last paragraph I mention how a poor relationship between our conscious and … Continue reading

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Sometimes We May Need Assistance

Sometimes We May Need Assistance In my past blogs I’ve made many references as to how the conscious and unconscious mind works with the physical body of most people when there is pain or discomfort involve in order to reduce … Continue reading

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Awareness of Pain Promotes Healing

Awareness of Pain Promotes Healing Once the source of pain has been identified, clients will usually correct or eliminate the problem or issues if they can.  It is my belief that people are inherently self-corrective and self-healing and usually do … Continue reading

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Pain Identifies The Problem or Issue

Pain Identifies The Problem or Issue In my last article of Avoiding or Eluding Therapy, I stated “I believe pain is the best guide to draw attention towards the location of the problem” which allows me to focus on the … Continue reading

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